Expense Management Software
  • Integration with GMap for accurate reimbursement
  • Flexi expense & advance policies best suited for you
  • Smart diagnostic check to eliminate fraud claims

Keep track of your expenses and address every fallout with a unique smart diagnostic check and multiple customisations, flexibilities!

Flexi Policy

Create and define a myriad of expense and advance policies as you fix old claims; limit and calibrate reimbursement cycle- everything as per you!

  • Limit your organisational expenses
  • Set expense and advance policy at a granular level
  • Fix export time for old claims

Get expense receipts, approve exceptional expenses, tag customer projects and raise advance requests- all in real time!

  • Employees can check policy violation reasons
  • Raise petty cash receipts
  • Tag customer & projects with the expenses

Facilitate expense payouts, auto adjust advances, segregate them or even convert them from a currency to other- quicker than you think!

  • Track each and every action in the activity log
  • Adjust advance payouts- automagically
  • Use auto currency conversion

Dhigna App

Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated

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