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How do I check my account balance online?

You can see your account balance by logging in to Digital Banking at

On Account Summary page, you can see your balance on an account card/account summary page

Recently we've changed the way we display your accounts and balances in Digital Banking to give you a clearer view of your money.

On Current Accounts the main change you will see is the balance that was previously called your "Available balance" has changed into two separate parts:

Balance including pending transactions - this is now the prominent balance you will see for your current account

Arranged overdraft limit (if you have one)

What do my balances include?

Overdraft Limit- This is your arranged overdraft limit. If you do not have one, this will not show

Overdraft Remaining - This shows the remaining amount of your arranged overdraft, this will only be displayed if you are using your limit

Account Balance - This is how much money you have in your account before any pending transactions are processed and includes uncleared cheques paid in.

How will balances be displayed for all other accounts types?

For other account types such as savings, loans, mortgages and credit cards the prominent balance is still the Account balance.

How do I cancel a direct debit?

You can cancel direct debit online by 8.20pm (UK time) on the day the installment is expected to be considered.

Before you cancel direct debit you should as a rule let the payee realize that you're going.

Your balance probably won't look as you would expect while cancelling a direct debit. Visit when would I be able to cancel direct debit? For some examples.

Cancelling a direct debit using Dhigna mobile banking application

Log in to your Mobile Banking application

Select the record that the direct debit is set facing

Select the 'Direct Debit' segment

Select the Direct Debit you need dropped. You will see the detail of the Direct Debit, and the alternative to drop the Direct Debit will show up at the lower part of this screen

You will see confirmation message of cancellation of direct debit

What should I do if my card is not working?

If your debit, credit or Digital Banking card isn't working under any circumstances, your digital assistant partner can help you sort it. Snap on the ask DA button underneath to begin a talk.

Have you met your Digital Assistant?

Our advanced digital assistant can assist you with a wide scope of questions, including this one.

How can I find my money?

When you authenticate your bank transaction, you'll know the expected payment date. You can track and check details about sender, receiver, payment method, currency details, and payment status in your Dhigna mobile app and on the web.

Receiver: Always check your recipient details before any transaction.

Transfer Time: Transfer always takes place in determined time slot, but sometimes it can be completed beyond predefined time limit due technical error.

How can I reset my password?

You need to the sign in page and click the forgot your password link. Enter the email address you use to log in to your Dhigna account and we'll send you a code to verify.

You can also reset your password by setting your profile. We can also reset your password by mobile number and one time OTP.

How can Dhigna help in my Business?

We manage your business through various modes: different payment modes & tools, facilitate international payments, white label services, Forex risk management, mass payments

How can I setup my account?

Signup and make your profile. Share your required information with us. It will take few minutes to setup your account. We open the account as per your business and personal requirements.

How can I manage my bills, business transaction and accounting?

We provide the facility of direct debits;

Download your account statements,

Stay tuned with our accounting help tool for more accounting measures.

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