Sole Trader Account

A multi-finance bank account without monthly or annual charges.

The reason is it isthe best-featured sole trader account

If you arean independent traderor juggling side hustle, we haveput together an award-winningtrader'saccountthat will save youtime and money by effectively managing your financesand the best partis thatit iscompletely free.

You can apply for an account within minutes, and connect it to your accounting software, or add resources into the Sole Trader Toolkit that will take care of the numbers using your account either on your mobile or desktop.


A free sole trader bank account, in minutes.

24/7 UK assistance.

Instant payment alerts.

Record receipts.

Automate your costs.

Connect to tools for business.

No hidden fees.

Space for overheads to be separated.

Deposits in cash or cheques.

Dhigna App

Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated

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