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Integrate our payment gateway tools on your mobile and website and give your customers a more pleasant E-Commerce experience.

A System Designed to Handle: End to End Payments

Method to accept any payment method:

Through Domestic as well as International Credit & Debit cards and E-money (credit/debit Cards & Cardless), Pay Laterand mobile wallets. dhigna has the broadest range of payment options.

Checkout and Card saving option

Saving cards gives your customers a seamless buying experience on your website or store.

Powerful Dashboard

Get detailed reports and statistics regarding settlements, payments,and refunds, and more to help you to make better business decision-making.

Built for Website developers

Clean, robust APIs that are developer-friendly plugins, and libraries for all the major languages and platforms which let you concentrate on developingamazing products.

A powerful dashboard to give you complete control

Access and manage your payment such as refunds, transfers subscriptions, invoices, virtual accounts (inshort money inflow and outflow)

See Key Business Statistics

Access instant information and data to make well-informed business decision-making.

Easy to Handle

We know that when you aremanaging payments speed and simplicitycontrol is what is important finally. We havespent a lot of time creating a smooth experience for you.


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Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated

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