Receipt Scanner

Companies may have their receipt generated software and device. But it is not necessary to have a receipt scanner.

Dhigna provides receipt scanner software which can be linked or equipped with any type of receipt generation software and device.

Our Reciept scanner read, write and retrieve the receipt information & data in the most accurate manner. No chance for error.

Utilize our receipt scanner to pay bills and receive payment from the Customer.

Produce Professional Reports

With fully customizable PDF, CSV, and ZIP reports, you can create professional reports for both your personal finance tracking and your employer’s needs. Receipts Scanner allows you to select from over 20 different default data types (including dates, price, tax, receipt categories, comments, payment methods, etc.) to help you generate the perfect report, saving you hours of time doing expenses and getting you back to things you actually care about.


Manage Your Expenses With Smart Receipts Scanner

Turn your phone into a receipt scanner and expense report generator with the Receipts Scanner Tool. Receipts Scanner tracks receipt data and allows you to generate both PDF and CSV reports that can be shared with your email accounts.

Manage Expenses With Ease

Tired of spending hours scanning receipts? Start using our receipt scanner to manage your expenses and generate expense reports. Receipts Scanner is built for both efficiency and flexibility. And by partnering with Dhigna to perform OCR, all receipts scans can be done automatically. Download Dhigna App today to start saving time on your expenses and better manage your receipts!

Dhigna App

Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated

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