Real-Time Profit & Loss

Profit and loss assessment work as a key driver for sustained business success.

We analyze the Real time Profit and Loss of your business.

Financial analysis is the cornerstone of creditworthiness assessment and that is why it must be seen as an art based on techniques: the art of knowing how to decipher your client's financial health based on some key fundamentals.

How do we measure your business health?
  • the understanding of the balance sheet and of the profit and loss account.
  • their analysis with key indicators.

We are not going to get lost in interminable calculations but we will analyse simply what is the most important. By chance, it is in front of our eyes on the first pages of the financial statements of your customers.

Why do you need real time profit & loss insights?

Simply because the need in cash rises with the increase of the turnover while financial resources do not increase.

Consequently, problems of financing of growth and cash difficulties can appear, which can be controlled only with thirds contributions (banks, factoring, credit given by suppliers etc). This will reduce the financial autonomy of the company.

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