Personal Account

Make your account unique with a top-rated Mobile banking Appthat is redesigned, reimagined,and relaunched withDhigna.With us you get a Personal Account i.e.,modified, reimagined,and redesigned to meet your preferences and needs.


Extraordinary Account Features

Go Online- -Find everything related to your bank accountwithour easy to navigate mobileapplication

Fast and Free Access- We do not charge anyone to use our application

Finance Management- Manage your finance with ease withAI (Artificial Intelligence)built tools

Support is available 365/24/7-We are always there for you nomatter which date or time


Specialties suitedfor an outstanding account

Instant Notifications- Receive instantnotifications via SMS or Email

CategorizedSpending Summary– Keeptrack of all your spending and learn when and where the money iscoming or going

Spaces- Set aside money by putting it in virtual bank accounts to store cash for rainy days.

Financial Products in one location- Get accessto every financialproduct like mortgage, insurance, and pension through us Market Place option

New and innovative method to pay- Settle IOUs using an easy payment option, transfer money to nearby customers or split bills with just atap.


Banking, But Stress Free

Switching seamlessly- Transfer your account to Dhignawith just a fewclicks with the Current Account Switch Service (CASS)

Lock it with atap– Lock your card via the mobile app with a simple tap

No Fees for overseastransfer- Travel anywhere across the globe and make transactions withouthaving to worry about the charges because we charge nothing.

You will be your administrator ofthe app– Be your own administratormodifyyour email address. cancel your credit card, and much more only with Dhigna.

No hidden fee –Send and receive money globally with spending an extra dime

Borrowing Reimagined–Borrow and manage money easily with affordable personal loans fromyour mobilewith Dhigna.

Dhigna App

Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated

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