Online Banking

Online Banking

Dhigna for Desktop

Banking for comparatively big screen

We’ve taken our Dhigna mobile app and fabricated it into a browser.

Manage your money from your desktop, PC or Laptop. Feel and get some of the similar great features – only bigger.

Whether you’ve a personal, shared, business account, student account and multi currency account, you can obtain online with Dhigna today.

So what exactly do you get with online banking?

Convenience - Payment information you need is in an email or text message or you simply wish to see everything on a bigger screen.

Security - We’re a Fintech Platform, so we’re pretty serious about security.

New features - We’re a Fintech Platform, so we’re pretty serious about security.


Online Banking features of Dhigna

On-time data - View your exact balance and an updated list of transactions.

Spending Insights - Check where you are spending.

View statements - View and extract statements, and save them on your desktop.

Card controls - Control card fraud activities and freeze the card if it is stolen.

Manage payments - View, setup and edit standing orders and any other regular payments you might have.

Dhigna App

Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated

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