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Multicurrencyaccounts are ideal for all types of businesses

With your business expanding,dealing with multiple currencybecomes quite common andwhen you deal with multiple currency it becomes confusing. But not with the Dhigna multi-currency business accounts.

Choose from a range of different monetary types for your business through British's Best Bank 2020. Do you need to convert from pounds to euros? No problem. Do exactly that on a changingscale, but with an additional 0.4 change charge of 1% in addition to the.


EEuros Currency Account

For those who have connections to Europe there's Dhigna's Euro Currencyaccount. Send, hold,and receive euro-based payments with ease.

Why it isAwesome

  • There are no fees for opening a new account.
  • Transfer money even at weekends.
  • Only one dhigna card to manage all multi-currency transactions.
  • We offer complete Security for Euro Currency accounts with deposits of up to PS85,000 or equivalent as per The Financial Insurance Compensation Scheme for Services.

US dollars Account

If your business deals in Dollar -great news.Just $5 per month, and you can manage your company banking using the dhigna's US Dollar account.

What are the reasons every business should

  • It will help you save time when you need to remain top of the line in your business.
  • Make use of our USD account to transfer money; you can transfer funds on weekends as well.
  • One dhigna card or account is required to trade in other currencies and/or country.
  • We offer the security of your business deposit up to PS85,000 or equivalent through The Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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