Send and invoices to your customers and receive from your vendors directly from your dhigna app.

It's FREE, quick, easy to use and customizable on demands as per business needs.

Free invoicing for small businesses

There's no need to pay for separate software.

With dhigna you can bill your customers directly from the dhigna app and keep track of your invoices and payments whenever and wherever you're online.

Free invoicing for all members

Freelancers and sole traders

Limited companies

Growing Business and Start Ups

Invoicing is FREE for All members on all our membership plans: Starter, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Custom

Invoicing Features

Fast and Simple: Create and Send invoices from your dhigna app or dhigna on the web

Add VAT if require: Choose a preset rate, use this for VAT return.

Customizable: Add your company logo, payment terms, a personal message, recipients in To/CC/BCC.

Stay organized: Marked paid invoices for reconciliation. automatic invoice matching, chase unpaid invoices

How easy it is to send invoice with your dhigna app- Simple Steps

Go to Invoice>> Create Invoice

Select your customer and their name. Update their details if not done.

Choose Payment Terms

Choose a certain due date to make sure you're paid on time

Review and give a personalize touch

Write a message if you prefer and send to client

Dhigna App

Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated

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