Expense Cards

Expense Cards

Dhigna Expense card comes with debit card features and unlimited corporate-retails offers

Order Expense Cards as Per Requirements

You can order employee and team expense card as per your people count. This applies to your main company account, as well as any other Dhigna accounts you have.

Short your company expenses

Group Cards are our company MasterCards for your Dhigna account

Expense Card Features

1. Simpler for your colleagues

Your Fellows can purchase from company/your account with their expense card. No need to spilt out from their own pocket and then assert.

2. Cheaper for your accounting team

Add receipts to transactions and sync your Dhigna account with your bookkeeping software.

3. Better for you and company

Make simpler your company spending. Everything listed per person. View in present-time. No requirement to process expense claims.

4. Modern Expenses Solution

Allow your valued employees to make purchases themselves and you get more time to get back to doing what you love - increasing your business. Why do expenditures the old way?

Give a shot to your employee's expenses with Expense Cards

Itemized expenses

Mark purchases, put in receipts in the app, put up everything together

Spending Snapshot

All company expenses in one view. Synchronize with accounting software.

Category Automation

Make customization to suit your business by our Automatic labels

Card Control

Freeze, block and cancel cards, view PINs, order proxy cards

Dhigna App

Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated

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