EPOS Systems

Our EPOS Systems is designed in a way where you can transfer money in your merchant account by Dhigna card.

Ease of Use

Thinking- How to transfer money from EPOS Systems to Merchant Account. Dhigna is using the latest technology to eradicate this situation.

Saving Time

When we talk about the latest and upgraded technology, Are we saving your time as well? Yes, you are reading right. Time is money in everyone’s business. Here we are saving.

Saving Cost

Saving cost and money by charging negligible fees when you transfer money from EPOS systems to Merchant Account.

Dhigna Terminal works with pre-certified third-party hardware to support a range of use-cases. We currently offer two reader and SDK combinations, with more coming soon.

Interested In Dhigna Terminal?

Dhigna Terminal is currently available to businesses in the UK and Overseas. Please provide the information below and we’ll be in touch once it becomes available in your country.

Dhigna App

Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated

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