Company Registration

Company Registration

Register your company (Limited and Single ownership) and start a Business Account with us.

All Banking, Transaction, Accounting needs in one go.

It's free!! We pay incorporation fee for your company registration from your side.

Apply in simple steps with less time. Synchronized process.

Get your company certificate within specified time frame. It's only completed in two business days.

Note:- We only accept single shareholder.

Register your company or business with simple four steps.

1. Search for Available Company Name.

2. Provide Your business and personal details.

3. Get your company certificate in few minutes.

4. And also get your company business Account.

1. Become your own boss, Register with Us. Get unlimited benefits.

2. 2-in-1- we register your company as well as open your business account.

3. Free- We only charge one time registration fee then no monthly fees for business account.

4. Fast-Seamless- Business Account should be open within few minutes with seamless experience.

5. Secure- We are organization provides secure integration for company and account.

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Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated

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