Business Solution

Business Solution

Our business solutions are coming with innovative ideas where businesses don’t need to worry about extra headaches which are not part of their day to day business activities.


Dhigna provides multiple CRM software solutions to reduce the necessity of keeping more than one CRM. Our CRM comes with single as well as multi CRM features.

ePOS and eCOM Software

Our ePOS and eCOM software is invented with the latest AI technology to heal seller’s business disease.

Inventory Solutions

Inventory solutions to stop inventory/stocks wastage in shops, factories, companies. Single solutions created with multi features, business owner’s need to install one time only. No need to purchase again and again.

HR Solutions

Keep track record of employees performance, attendance, leaves and salary status.

Manage employees profile details in one system.

Bank Payments

Offering bank payments facilities with new innovative features i.e. bank payments can be managed from Dhigna mobile from anywhere.

OCR Automation

OCR Automation designed to give the concept of automatic data feed into the system with the help of OCR system to decrease manual or human errors. Businesses just need to attach OCT machine to input proving software and machine

Real Time Alerts

Real Time Alerts are very important for the payments, transaction industry to save from any losses. Real time payments & transaction alerts to give real track of activities.

Likewise, industries also need to employ our real time alerts system to check their day to day activities are happening on time.

When stocks come and go (for operation reason), who is coming to office (for security reasons) When emergency events occur to safeguard from heavy losses.


Dhigna App

Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated

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