Business Applications

Business Applications

Businesses are new or old, it doesn’t matter to competitors.

Keep your business first in Race.

Dhigna is here to help each business to adapt and implement new things in ways of working.

We have designed and developed new innovative devices and Software to match your digitalization and competitive needs.

Invoice Software- Generate invoice and keep track of sales and purchase record

Receipt Scanner- Scan receipt code and present to customer

eCOM/ePOS software and Device- Offline and Online business stores to ease their mode of payment system.

Card Machines- Get extra ordinary Dhigna card machines with and Merchant account Features

VAT Payments Software- Pay your business VAT ontime without any delay or Penalty

CxRM- It removes tension to keep multiple CRM software when you manage various CRM activities with Dhigna CxRM.

OCR- OCR Automation to remove hurdles of Character recognition in scanning receipt code & feed data


Dhigna App

Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated

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