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Business Accounts for Limited Companies and any other business that is registered.s


Excellent for business

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You can customize the service to fit your business.

The Business Toolkit

Our comprehensive business management software allows you to control all your business financesfrom one application, assisting you increase the number of customers that you serve and earn more profit.

Euro business account

It is the Euro account is designed for those who require transferring, receive or store funds in Euros regularly.

Customers who meet the following requirements are eligible for the account to use the Euro account:

  1. People who own property in the UK
  2. People who are citizens of the UK

US dollars business bank account in the dollar

Pay-as-you-go accounts are a terrific wayto manage your cash flow. Youcan save money on foreign currency costs and improve the management of the flow of cash if your company pays and receives payments inUS dollars.


Spending, Easy Way

  • Never miss on your installments with real time installment notification.

  • Keep track of your month-to-month expenditure and sort it into classes.

  • Maintain your records by attaching computerized receipts to your installments.

  • Separate spaces for independent expenses. Place things such as overheads and assessment aside.

Dhigna App

Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated

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